Gradings are subjective. We have used the land owner grading where available, otherwise we have used established grading systems as a guide. Times given are approximate and may not include rest stops.

Gradings used

Yuraygir Coastal Walk - Time your walk for low tide, its easier on hard beach sand

Australian Walking Track Grading System

The Australian Walking Track Grading System (AWTGS) has been adopted and endorsed by states and territories, and by bushwalking organisations.  

AWTGS has five grades. To determine the grade for a walk, various factors are considered, including experience required, gradient, distance, quality of path, quality of track markings, and steps. A walk is graded based on the most difficult of these factors, not the average.

Not all walks on this site have been classified by land managers, so we have used our best efforts to grade them, but the bush changes with time and conditions. You should do you own research to decide if the walk is suitable and safe for you. As we are keen and experienced bushwalkers living in an area with many steep hills and limited signage, walks on this website tend toward the harder grades.

Grade One is suitable for the disabled with assistance, flat and even with no steps and distance less than 5km
Grade Two is suitable for families with young children, gentle gradient, hardened or compacted surface and distance less than 10km.
Grade Three is suitable for most ages and fitness levels, and recommended for people with some bush walking experience. Tracks may have short steep sections, rough sections, many steps and be up to 20km in length.
Grade Four is recommended for experienced bush walkers. Tracks may be long, rough and very steep. Directional signage may be limited.
Grade Five is recommended for very experienced bush walkers with specialised skills including navigational and emergency first aid skills. Tracks are likely to be very rough, very steep and unmarked. Distance may be more than 20km.
Paso Sico and Salar Aqua Calientes with angel wing clouds

Dual Sport Motorcycle Riders Association Grading System

The Dual Sport Motorcycle Riders Association is a nationwide network of licensed riders who enjoy exploring the bush trails of the great Australian outdoors. DSMRA encourage you to ride responsibly, legally and respectfully.

We have used the DSMRA grading system to attempt classify our trails, but you should do your own research to decide if they are suitable and safe for you. As we are mature adventure bike riders, sometimes loaded with camping gear and luggage, the rides on this website tend to the lower DSMRA grades.

The DMRSA grading systems begins at zero, but we’ve re-numbered it from 1 to align with the walking track numbering.

Grade 1 Touring – Mostly open and easy with dirt & asphalt roads. Rides will generally be of a longer distance but will often include some sight-seeing, coffee shops etc along the way. Suitable for Adventure, Dual Sports, Trail Bikes
Grade 2 Easy – An easier dirt bike ride of mostly open fire trails for those with little or no dirt bike riding experience. May include a few obstacles. Suitable for Dual Sports, Trail, Enduro Bikes
Grade 3 General – General trail ride for those with some trail riding experience. Possibly some tricky sections and natural obstacles. Rides start to get more physical and a general level of fitness is required. Would suit an intermediate rider and above. May include single track, easier hills, logs and creek crossings. Suitable for Trail, Enduro Bikes
Grade 4 Hard – This level is geared to the competent rider with a well-maintained bike. May include single track, obstacles, river crossings, harder hills etc. Carry all your own equipment and have your bike well prepared. A good level of fitness is required. Suitable for Enduro Bikes
Grade 5 Hardest – Difficult and/or long ride recommended for experienced riders only. Carry all you own equipment and have your bike well prepared. Contact ride leader for details. A high level of fitness is required. Suitable for Enduro Bikes
4WD Landrover on Boambee Beach, Coffs Harbour NSW

Four wheel driving tours 

We have adapted the Victorian 4WD classification system – we added Grade 1 for 2WD drives, with the four Victorian 4WD grades starting from Grade 2 to Grade 5 to align with the grades for walks and motorcycle rides.

Grade 1 Touring – Asphalt and dirt roads suitable for AWD, 4WD and 2WD vehicles with care. 
Grade 2 Easy – All wheel drive and high range 4WD, suitable for novice drivers, may be difficult in wet conditions.
Grade 3 Medium – Mainly high range and some low range 4WD, medium clearance required, may include steep, rocky, sandy sections, may have water crossings. 4WD experience recommended. Difficult in wet conditions.
Grade 4 Hard -Low range 4WD, standard 4WD clearance required, steep, rocky, sandy sections, water crossings. All terrain tyres and recovery equipment, travel in groups. 4WD driver experience required or 4WD driver training. Difficult in wet conditions.
Grade 5 Extreme – Low range 4WD, high clearance required, very steep, rocky, sandy sections, difficult water crossings. Tyres suitable for terrain, winch and recovery equipment, travel in groups. Extensive 4WD driver experience required and advanced 4WD driver training. Difficult in wet conditions.