Woolpack Rocks

Squeeze between granite boulders then climb a wooden ladder to the summit of Woolpack Rocks

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Woolpack Rocks

Enjoy the views of the surrounding national park from the summit of Woolpack Rocks. The track begins at Native Dog camping area on the Guyra Road, crosses over Native Dog Creek, passes some grassy swamps, then climbs gently up a forested valley. A signpost indicates where to turn for the summit.

The route to the top is easy. Follow a short plank that squeezes between two large granite boulders, then a wooden ladder takes you to the top. A sign on a rock marks the end of the track. This is 270 million year old granite, weathered and covered in moss and lichen on the shady side. Trees grow in tiny pockets of soil. A woolpack was a bale of wool, bound up in jute or similar fabric for shipping to market. The shapes of these rocks may resemble woolpacks, but they are much harder!

You can easily combine this walk with the Warrigal walking track, or continue on from Woolpack Rocks to climb to the summit of Cathedral Rock.


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