Woolgoolga Creek Falls Track

A short, easy walk from the picnic area through gorgeous rainforest to the waterfall.

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Woolgoolga Creek Falls Track

Take some time to read the interpretative signs at the picnic area before you begin your walk to Woolgoolga Creek Falls, The information on the forest and aboriginal heritage is interesting.

Logging began here in the 1880s and had mostly ceased by the 1940s. Flooded gums and bunya were planted in an attempt to restore the forest. In 1971 a small area was recognised as a flora reserve, expanded in 1989 and later included in Sherwood Nature Reserve.

How many of the trees can you recognise? Lookout for blue quandong (Eleaocarpis grandis) which has a tall, grey-whitish trunk, buttressed roots, blue fruits and may have a carpet of red leaves. The bangalow palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana) is common in the under-storey, and spiny-head mat-rush (Lomandra longifolia) lines the creek bed.

There are five creek crossings each way, ten in all. You may be able to skip across some rocks, or you may get wet feet, depending on how recently it has rained.

A concrete weir was built above Woolgoolga Falls and water piped to a nearby dam to supply the town. While the pipeline has been decommissioned, you may still spot the pipe along this walk.

Note: the road to the falls suffered significant damage in the floods in autumn 2021. Check National Park alerts to see if the road is closed before you visit.


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