Wedding Bells Creek

A loop walk through forests, past an old gold mine, and along a pretty creek.

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Wedding Bells Creek

We parked up high on Sherwood Road, and set off down Middle Ridge Road. It’s a steep descent through open forest to the rainforest of the creek. You might want to take walking poles. There are a number of creek crossings, before climbing up to Bark Hut Creek Road.

Koalas up high, gold down below

We heard a low mournful bellow from high up a tree as we walked. It didn’t sound like a bird, a koala perhaps? There were certainly lots of scratch marks on the nearby trees, but we couldn’t find any scats. Sadly, logging of these forests destroys habitat.

There was a brief spate of gold mining activity in the Wedding Bells forests around 1896. See if you can spot the Lady Helen mine shaft – but be warned it is not fenced and a very long drop down.

The Beautizone and The Steps

The trail back down to Wedding Bells Creek has the beguiling name Beautizone, and this area of subtropical rainforest is certainly beautiful. After morning tea next to a pool lined with watergum, we followed Wedding Bells Creek upstream before turning up Wedding Bells Creek Road.

The initial ascent of the range is easy, but then it gets very steep as you reach a plum pudding rock outcrop with a view over the treetops. Onwards to reach Sherwood Road. After a short walk along Sherwood Road, turn onto a side road to the right. Your car is close, but you aren’t done yet. You must first conquer the cruel Steps to reach the finish line.

Like the loop around Madmans Creek Flora Reserve, the Ulitarra Society book “Making Tracks” was our inspiration for this walk.


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