Ugly Corner Falls

Around the corner hides a suprise - a lovely waterfall on Oaky Creek

Trail information

Ugly Corner Falls

Don’t be put off by the name! Ugly Corner is the name of an old tin mine.

This trail does involve corners, as you make your way down the hill into the valley of Oaky Creek. Cross the granite slabs of the creek bed and climb up some steps, and there, around the last corner, is the surprisingly lovely Ugly Corner Falls. Parks have installed a handy bench, so you can rest and enjoy the view, before making your way back to the start.

Nearby is Mystery Face walk and Thunderbolts Lookout, all with nice picnic tables. You can also camp at Blatherarm campground – either at the first sites which are accessible by 2WD, or drive across the rocky creek to the last campsite which is only accessible by 4WD.

Blatherarm Campground, Torrington
Crossing Blather Creek to the last campsite


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