Tuckers Rocks to Mylestom

An easy loop trail along the beach and back through the coastal dunes.

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Tuckers Rocks to Mylestom

Tuckers Rocks is a pretty spot, popular with surfers. Meander south along the beach until you reach Mylestom. Head over the dunes, and enjoy a cuppa from the local cafe while sitting on the banks of the lovely Bellinger River enjoying the view toward the distinctive Tuckers Nob, dreaming of your next walk. We wandered back to our car through the local Mylestom streets and some sandy 4WD tracks.

George Tucker was one of the first cedar-getters working the Bellinger Valley from the 1860s. Are the Rocks and Tuckers Nob named for him?

If you have time, you can extend your walk all the way from Mylestom to the Bellinger River mouth.


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