Tuckers Nob – Frontage Creek

A circuit through the state forests on the north side of Tuckers Nob to the lookout on top.

Trail information

Tuckers Nob – Frontage Creek

This route approach Tuckers Nob from Orara Valley, through Orara East State Forest. We prefer the Devos Trail route up through Bindarri National Park to the spectacular viewpoint on Tuckers Nob, but it was still interesting to walk the forests and creeks on the north side of the mountain.

As with Devos Trail, take poles as the descent is very steep, and best avoided after rain. After your walk, you may want a cool off swim at Magic Pools.

An alternative route to Tuckers Nob from Crossmaglen tracks up Western Trail and then follows Peak Trail and That Steep Bit.

4WD is needed to access the start point on Frontage Creek Rd.

Map and GPX

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Karen

    Hi, Yvonne, Thought you might like a story about this walk….
    So, you know the track through the middle of the loop from SW to NE on your map that looks like it doesn’t go anywhere…? It actually DOES’NT go anywhere! And that road is not “That Steep Bit” you mention! My bad. When Memory Maps didn’t show the track we should have been on, we went straight on and missed out Fig Tree Falls. By the time we discovered we were on the wrong track, we opted for 500m and a 400m descent instead of crawling back up the very very steep bit. In retrospect, we would have preferred crawling back up a nearly vertical road than bashing our way along an old log-strewn road overgrown with lantana and raspberries! I love the area and will most def go back and do this walk properly.

    1. Coffs Trails

      Oh we’ve experienced epic routing failures and overgrown tracks too! One of the reasons I like GaiaGPS is that I can easily flip between Open Source Maps (which shows the track from the top down to Fig Tree Falls) and NSW Topo maps (which doesn’t show the track) and satellite (sometimes you can see if a track goes in the photo). Assuming of course that you remembered to download maps for offline access before you left home! The joys of navigation in our backyard! Gotta pick hiking mates with a sense of humour!

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