The panther strikes again

A forest loop with the dog on a mix of tracks in search of rare diamonds

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The panther strikes again

A good walk for a mild mannered dog and her owner who need to get out for their daily exercise. A mix of forest trails with some nice old growth trees, some single track, creeks, and a good hill climb to finish it off.

Inspector Clouseau: “Does yer dewg bite?”
Innkeeper: “No”
Inspector Clouseau: “Nice Doggy” (wuff snap snarl bite)
“I thought you said yer dewg did not bite!”
Innkeeper: “Zat iz not my dog!”

Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther.

You can mix this walk up by exploring some of the other tracks in the area, humming Henry Mancini’s famous tune as you walk.

Watch out for mountain bikes.

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