Thorn Creek and Knobbys Lookout

A hilly walk on forest trails with a rainforest gully and views toward Woolgoolga

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Thorn Creek and Knobbys Lookout

We park at the intersection at the end of tar on Bark Hut Rd, and walk up Arrawarra Forest Rd past the blueberries and bananas. A Saturday afternoon crowd of boys are whooping through the air on their mountain bikes. If you are a mountain biker, you will love the variety of trails in Wedding Bells State Forest.

Turning off onto Thorn Creek Rd, we descend into the rainforest gully, before climbing up onto the ridge again for the intersection with Knobbys Forest Rd. We cross over and descend once more to cross another creek with a broken wooden bridge. From here its a long climb up on first Slaters Crossing Road then Knobbys Lookout Road, past the memorial tree (a young motorcyclist) to the communications tower and trig beacon.

The sun is low and Woolgoolga water tower shines in the distance as we descend for the last time to our car.


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