Stony Hill, Central Bucca

Being grateful for our lives, climbing hills in a forest with a joyful dog

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Stony Hill, Central Bucca

We walk for a variety of reasons: walking keeps us physically healthy and fit and the endorphins from exercising outside in nature make us happy. Also, our dog has a daily alarm clock and she is very insistent if she doesn?t get her walk!

We look for walks with trees for shade, a good hill climb to get the heart rate up, and ideally a stream for the dog to cool off. This route seemed to tick most boxes, so off we went to explore, following side tracks where they looked more interesting. The road climbed steeply up to Stony Hill, meandered across a ridge, then descended back to the start on Boyds Road.

Up on the ridge, we stumbled upon two separate camps hidden in the bush but near the road. No one was home, but it was clear the camps were occupied. Homeless people?

We are grateful for the security we have in our lives.

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  1. Karen Huchendorf

    Sadly, this walk is at the risk of a $2,200 fine by Forestry Corp from 7 June to 31 Dec 2021. Skinners Creek is also in the exclusion area.

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