Solitary Islands Coastal Walk – Jetty to Sawtell

Boambee beach is perfect for striding out. Cross pretty Boambee Creek at the railway bridge, for the final walk into Sawtell.

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Solitary Islands Coastal Walk – Jetty to Sawtell

Walking north to south, this is the final leg of our Solitary Islands Coastal Walk. We start by following the path through the reserve around Jetty Beach. Boambee beach is wide and flat, and easy walking at low tide. The airport is just over the dunes.  The beach is popular as its off-leash for dogs, used by horses from the nearby stables, and open to 4WD vehicles. 

We cross Boambee Creek on a structure hooked to the side of the railway bridge, then we walk up over the grassy headland with good view south to Murrays Beach. Sawtell is the final beach of the Solitary Island Coastal Walk, and before we climb Bonville Headland, where we can look south across Bongil Bongil NP toward Urunga, with Smokey Cape in the far distance.

Although this marks the end of the signposted Solitary Islands Coastal Walk, we plan to continue south, walking Sawtell to Tuckers Rocks, Tuckers Rocks to Mylestom and beyond the Bellinger River.


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