Snail Trail lookout

The lush green of Fridays Creek Valley and a view of the upper Orara valley

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Snail Trail lookout

The map shows two lookouts over upper Orara valley – one along Snail Trail and another on a nearby hill. With a name like Snail Trail, how could we not go exploring?

We parked the car along Fridays Creek Rd, near where Six Rd begins. Look hard – this so-called road is more of an indistinct grassy path that heads down to the creek and then up the other side. We followed the tracks up Friday Creek valley, with hop bush and paper daises flowering on all sides.

There are some lovely patches of rainforest as you climb, and large trees near the top. Logging trails often have entertaining names, like Snail, or Schooner, Pint and Middy (near Mount Coramba). But Snail might not be such a fanciful trail name, as the Giant Panda Snail, the size of a tennis ball with a lineage back to Gondwanaland, lurks on the forest floor of these subtropical rainforests, chomping away at the fungi. Noisy Pitta birds like to eat this snail. If you are lucky you might see a slimy trail or a shell, we have. The shell is brown, nothing panda-like about it at all.

Next time we are going to tackle the other viewpoint, this time approaching from the west via Dingo Creek valley.

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Karen

    Very enjoyable walk that I completed as a loop, returning to Six Road via Fridays Creek Road and a doof party, instead of walking ?out and back?. Private property may be one of the reasons not to do it as a loop. It also includes a number of creek crossings, which were very easy to negotiate, and it?s also a shorter route.

    1. Coffs Trails

      I loved the big trees near the top and the view! Glad you enjoyed the walk.

    2. Karen Huchendorf

      We’re planning a walking club walk in Feb and wondering whether to include in its description a lookout on Slug Trail. We haven’t been able to reccy it as yet. Do you know whether it’s open like the one on Snail Trail? Thanks!

    3. Coffs Trails

      Hi Karen – you have reminded me that I haven’t climbed Slug Trail lookout yet, even though its been on my list for ages. I’m not sure how open the lookout is. Which walking club do you belong to?

  2. Karen Huchendorf

    Thanks! I’m leading a walk for Kyeewa in February. I also walk with Ulitarra. I was originally planning to include Snail Lookout with its fab view, but the day I climbed it I found it to be much more difficult due to deep ruts from what appears to be heavy 4 WD usage, whether by the public or Forestry. I didn’t mention this in my original review because I really liked the whole walk. But with all of the rain of late I expect it’s now badly eroded, as well. Slug Trail doesn’t appear to quite as steep and may be in better condition. I was out yesterday when we attempted the approach from Dingo Creek Road. We parked at the intersection with Saddle and Frontage and got as far on Saddle as the first Dingo Creek crossing, but didn’t have water shoes. It was raining pretty steadily, and with flood warnings we decided that we might get across at the first one, but not later ones. It might be a good club walk from Magic Pools at the start of Dingo Creek Road. As you know, it connects with Snail and Slug, and we thought we would at least be able to reccy the climb to Slug from there. Not the day for it, tho! (Thanks for reading my long comment.)

    1. Coffs Trails

      We’ve been avoiding walking the hills and creeks too due to the rain. I’ve walked a couple of times with Kyeewa and Ulitarra, will be nice to meet you on a walk one day!

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