Rosewood Creek and Red Cedar Falls

A rainforest walk following Rosewood Creek with a steep descent to Red Cedar Falls, the largest in Dorrigo NP

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Rosewood Creek and Red Cedar Falls

Despite recent heavy rain, the track was in great condition and we enjoyed our rainforest walk, admiring the tallowwood, Blackbutt, and Dorrigo plum. There are interpretive panels on the ridge section of the track near the picnic area. We were interested to read the panel about the Dorrigo plums (Endiandra introrsa) whose deep purple fruit we saw scattered on the ground.

The Rosewood Creek circuit passes by Coachwood Falls, but we were keen to see Red Cedar Falls, the largest falls in Dorrigo NP.

Red Cedar Falls

A steep out-and-back track leads off Rosewood Creek circuit and zig-zags down a steep hill. You can hear the water falling as you approach. The wet black basalt gleams, with green ferns and talls palms providing contrast. A gentle mist from the falls cools us off as we ate our nut bars. The flood debris high up on the rocks we were perched on was a reminder of the force of nature.

There is a rocky island near the Red Cedar Falls, which we climbed for a dramatic view of the Rosewood Creek tumbling its way further down the valley – take care, it would not be a good place to slip!

On the return trip, we surprised a marsh snake (aka black bellied swamp snake) on the path. It eventually slithered off, our heart rates returned to normal, and on we went, only to meet a second marsh snake moments later! This one wasn’t so keen to move off it’s sunny spot on the track.

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