Promised Land loop

A road loop through forest and farmland with a creek crossing, good for runners

Trail information

The Gleniffer Valley is beautiful – rolling green hills with happy cows, forested ridges leading up to the escarpment, and the Never Never Creek. Despite the bucolic scenery, this narrow bitumen and gravel road loop around the Promised Land is best suited to runners or cyclists, as its a road trudge for bushwalkers.

The Never Never Creek swimming holes highlight what happens when social media and the web over-promote places which cannot sustain high traffic. There are better places to swim:

  • in the pool below Dangar Falls,
  • in the Bellingen River at The Point or Jarrett Park,
  • North Beach, Mylestom,
  • Urunga Lido or Hungry Head Beach.

If you do stop at the creek, please consider the environment and the community who live in this valley:

  • Please take your rubbish home with you (there are no bins or other facilities),
  • Drive carefully and consider neighbours when parking,
  • Walk on tracks and be careful not to trample areas of revegetation or river banks,
  • Don’t use sunscreen, insect repellent or soap as it impacts water quality and the critters who live in the creek.

Promised Land Loop Road is a bit of a misnomer since the Tallowwood Point bridge was deemed unsafe in late 2019, which means it is no longer a loop. Crossing Never Never Creek on foot is possible if water levels are low, but the rocks can be slippery and the banks are steep. Bicycles would need to be carried across.

Map and GPX

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