Pork Chop Road rollercoaster

A short loop walk for your dog - go fast for a good fitness workout

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Pork Chop Road rollercoaster

This loop is a good for fitness training, like “leg day” at the gym alternating between calf or hamstring workouts and quadriceps workouts.

There is space to park at the intersection of Gaudrons Rd, Polyosma and Pork Chop roads. We put the dog on her lead, and head up the tar section of Gaudrons Rd, turning off onto Rover Trail.

The start of Rover Trail looks like a driveway with a short concrete rise, but then it quickly becomes a rocky erosion gully caused by four wheel drive vehicles. We pick our way up the hill to the communications tower, then continue onto Lals Rd, with filtered views across the blueberry farms.

There’s pretty forest along Polysoma Road, before we turn right into Pork Chop Rd. We go fast, led by our energetic dog who never seems to get tired. Up and down, up and down the rollercoaster. Pork Chop Road appears to be an innocent line on the map, not so in real life!


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