Old Bottlebutt

A 200 year old red bloodwood tree with a 16m wide butt!

Trail information

Old Bottlebutt

This short and sweet loop walk meanders beneath palms to a large red bloodwood (Corymbia gummifera) that is at least 200 years old and very large. It has a beautifully large butt, so significant it has been recorded in the National Register of Big Trees and the International Register of Wide Girth Trees.

“Butt swell” is a condition where the lower part of the trunk swells more generously than a Botox Brazilian Butt Lift. Old Bottlebutt has a lovely 16 metres girth, way way bigger than any tree hugger can stretch their arms around.

There is a nice picnic area. If you want a longer walk, Bago Bluff is nearby.


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