New Country Swamp

Stroll around a high country swamp, with snow gums and a lookout over Mummel Gulf

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New Country Swamp

New Country Swamp is a rare montane peatland, flowing into Numble Creek then the Mummel River and eventually the Manning to the sea. The Swamp is a beautiful place, edged with saw sedges, rushes. The swamp lies at 1200 metres elevation, and the forest includes snow gums, mountain ribbon gum and banksia. It’s quiet here, you are sure to see wildlife and many birds.

But it hasn’t always been this peaceful. John Oxley tramped through this area, on his journey to the coast in 1818. Later cedar-getters followed and this country was heavily logged. Small scale mining took place, and cattle were allowed to graze in the forest. In 1992, forest defenders set up camp here and protested against the destruction of old growth forest, and the loss of wildlife and biodiversity that follows. They were successful – today this country is protected as Mummel Gulf National Park with much of it declared wilderness.

From the campsite, this pleasant stroll through the forest takes you to a lovely spot among snow gums with a view over the water towards the campsite. Continue to Mummel Gulf lookout, where you can admire the deep forested valley of the Mummel River. This is Biripai country.

Mummel Gulf lookout Stroll around a high country swamp, with snow gums and a lookout over Mummel Gulf

New Country Swamp is easily accessed just 12 km from the Oxley Highway along two wheel drive friendly Enfield Road. Four wheel drives might prefer to tackle the Panhandle Fire Trail from the Oxley Highway, then Mummel Forest Road and New Country Swamp. Not far away, also off the Oxley Highway, Kangaroo Flat Road takes you to Mooraback campground and the Green Gully Track. Another option while you are in the area is to combine a visit to Mummel Gulf with Tia Falls and Apsley Falls.

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