Mystery Face

Visit Mystery Face and Westminster Rocks on this walk in the granite tablelands, with a view to Thunderbolts Lookout

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Mystery Face

Torrington State Conservation Area is on the Mole Tablelands, granite high country with a rich cultural and mining history. This is one of three delightful short walks, with a view to Thunderbolts Lookout. Mystery Face is a rock that resembles a somewhat grumpy old man, while Westminster Rocks are a dark, secret cavern where you could easily hide a politician or two.

Tin was found at Emmaville and Torrington, and the area boomed in the early 20th century. Minerals found here including tungsten (used in old electric light bulbs as it has a very high melting point, also known as Wolfram) and bismuth. Now the area around Blather Creek is popular with fossickers hunting for beryl, emerald and topaz. Stop for a picnic or overnight at the lovely Blatherarm campground, and make sure you do the Ugly Corner Falls walk.


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