Mullaway and Arrawarra Creek

Explore Arrawarra creek estuary and Mullaway beach

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Mullaway and Arrawarra Creek

Presented with a plate containing steak, grilled mushroom and chokoe, which will you eat first and which last? Are you an instant or delayed gratification type?

This loop walk has a little bit of everything: headland views, beach stroll, coastal heath, forest, lily pond, a creek … and bitumen road.

After parking the car, we face the big decisions – make a dash straight to the sunny beach to start our walk, or do we get the suburban street slog done with first and finish seaside? Coffee at the Mullaway General Store to start, or after? A compromise is struck: coffee after, beach first.

As for the much maligned chokoe, I think I’d coat it in steak juice and smuggle it under the table to the dog.

Garby Nature Reserve

This is Gumbaynggirr country. Gaabi is the word for black swamp wallaby. Visit the nearby Yarrawarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre to learn more about the Arrawarra sharing culture and significance of Arrawarra headland.

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Chris Tsembis

    It can be a bit muddy where you take the dogleg after the lagoon as you head down towards the creek. There are pallets laid out so take care. Also avoid the suburban slog by staying on Arrawarra Road and cutting through the bush behind the houses at Ocean View, brings you out behind Mullaway beach.

    1. Coffs Trails

      That’s a good tip to avoid the road bash, thanks Chris. I’m on my way home from Tassie and the rule here is to walk through the mud, not around making new tracks.

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