Mt Coramba via Taylors Creek

This walk starts half way up Mount Coramba Road, and heads down through forest to Taylors Creek.

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Mt Coramba via Taylors Creek

You should always take a map, because you can’t rely on a smartphone GPS. Except sometimes the map is wrong.

For our first attempt at this walk, we consulted Google, OpenStreetMaps, NSW Topo. None of the maps agreed, so off we went to see what was actually there, on the ground. We found and followed an epic bike path that tunnelled through the rainforest, collecting leeches as we climbed the steepest possible route up Mt Coramba from Taylors Creek – we would not recommend that one! This route is easier, following 4WD tracks that are more open and walker friendly.

Private land restricts access from the end of Taylors Creek Road. Shelter Road is blocked if you approach from Bruxner Park. Instead drive to a point half way Mount Coramba Road, where there are a number of tracks in the State Forest which allow public access into the catchment of Taylors Creek.

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