Laurieton Track (North Brother)

A steep challenging route to the summit of North Brother mountain for gorgeous coastal views

Trail information

Get your heart rate up on this steep climb to the summit of North Brother Mountain above the town of Laurieton. The track is shady, with blackbutt and eucalyptus forest, and rainforest in the gullies. Near the top, the track briefly meets Captain Cook Bicentennial Drive, with some polished logs that make good seats for a breather. You could, of course, start at this spot for a shorter and more moderate climb that still gives you the forest experience.

At the summit are the lookouts, the reward for your effort. Laurieton Lookout faces north, with a stunning view of the Camden Haven inlet and the perpendicular cliffs of Kattang Nature Reserve, and Grants Head in the distance. Don Johnstone lookout faces south, over the lakes and waterways of the Camden Haven river and towards Diamond Head.

From Don Johnstone lookout, you can also see South Brother (Booragan) and Middle Brother (Mooragan), the tallest of the three peaks. The Birpai story of the three brothers explains the creation of these mountains. Dooragan, the North Brother, was the eldest of the three brothers. Coincidentally, Captain Cook on his voyage around the East Coast in 1770 also called the mountains the Three Brothers.

Explore the 700 metres cool rainforest loop, before beginning the descent back to your car far below.

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