Jersey Bull Rd to Bangalore Falls

A big climb through the forest up Jersey Bull Rd, visiting Bangalore Falls before descending via Pine Rd.

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Jersey Bull Rd to Bangalore Falls

Bindarray means “many creeks”, and this walk visits Urumbilim and Bangalore Creeks. Both creeks have their headwaters on Tuckers Knob before flowing into the Orara River and Karangi Dam, the Coffs Harbour water supply.

We parked at the National Park entrance, at the junction of Jersey Bull and Pine Rds. We climbed over the boom gate to take the road less travelled, Jersey Bull Rd. The first few kilometers to Bindarray picnic site are easy walking.

After the second wet-feet crossing of the sparkling clear Urumbilum Creek, the trail began to climb. We paused to admire a green tree snake sunning itself in the middle of our path, before quietly edging around it.

Near the top, we took a shortcut on the power line track to Range Rd, then the path through the rainforest to Bangalore Falls.

We sat at the Falls picnic table, beneath the hoop pine and cabbage palms to eat our snacks. Bindarri NP was declared in 1999, before that it was logged as part of Orara West State Forest but the forest is now recovering. Rest stop over, we walked back along Range Rd before turning back down the 4WD-only Pine Rd.

After a long walk with a big climb and steep descent, we were very happy to see our car! Of course, if a long walk is not your thing, or you don’t have all day, you can drive to the Bangalore Falls picnic site and take a short walk to the falls.


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