Emerald rainforest walk

Meander through the beautiful rainforest in the hills above Emerald Beach, mostly on single-track

Trail information

Emerald rainforest walk

The lowland subtropical rainforest near Emerald Heights is lovely, with large old trees, a creek and joyful birdlife. Tall trees include carabeen, booyong and bolly gum, with bungalow palm, walking stock palm and palm lilies in the understory, and vines wrapping around.

The Emerald rainforest walk undulates and meanders around, giving you the space and time to admire the beauty of nature’s cathedral around you.

It was muddy in some places and a short section of this walk follows creeks that flow into Moonee Creek – these were dry when we walked, but best to avoid this trail if it has been raining hard.

Listen and watch out for mountain bike riders and trail bikes, who also use these single-track forest paths.


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