Dingo Creek Valley

Wet feet as you cross Dingo Creek many times on Saddle Trail, before a steep forest climb up to a lookout

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Dingo Creek Valley

Some time ago we walked up the valley of Friday Creek, then climbed Snail Trail to a lovely lookout over the Upper Orara Valley. This time, we went back and walked up the valley of Dingo Creek on Saddle Trail to another lookout with views to Sawtell and south to Picket Hill and beyond.

Expect wet boots, as the track crosses the lovely Dingo Creek multiple times. In addition to the ankle deep creek crossings, we also had to negotiate a few muddy puddles. This is a shady walk – flooded gums in the creek valley give way to lush rainforest and palms in the headwaters, and large old growth trees on the ridge top.

The climb up Saddle Trail is steep clay. I was amused by the word STOP painted on a tree at the top. Too late, we’d already climbed up, but I did scavenge a sturdy stick before we began the descent. At an intersection, Snail Trail continues to climb to your left, but we turned right for an easier climb to a different lookout. If you like hill climbing and have the time, do both lookouts!

We parked at the intersection of Saddle Trail and Frontage Creek Road, at the end of Dingo Creek Rd. If the road conditions are not suitable for your 2WD, you may need to park at earlier on Dingo Creek Road, adding a couple of kilometres to the walk.

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Karen Huchendorf

    Good to see this very appealing trail added! And, by the way, there is a local landowner who would love for the lookout to have a different name! Not sure what Shane may prefer to “Slug”, but I’ll ask him when I see him next week on another reccy for Kyeewa. The Kyeewa walk on Sunday 21 Feb is going to be “Snail Trail”, but instead of going to Snail, we’re planning to go to Slug Lookout.

  2. Coffs Local

    Hey Karen what name would the landowner like? Kind regards from someone who named the trail Slug Trail because it matched it’s neighbour Snail Trail and here was no name for it

    1. Karen

      Hi, belatedly replying to your comment- I believe Shane is consulting with local elders. No doubt he’d love to hear from you. I’ll ask if he’s happy for me to pass on his phone number.

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