Cascade and Box Ridge Track

Timber and rail heritage at Cascade, and giant brush box trees

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Cascade and Box Ridge Track

Cascade and the Box Ridge Track is our last stop on the Moonpar Forest Drive.

We park on Moses Rock Road and wander off to inspect the relics of the old timber mill that operated between 1925 and 1962, now overrun by exuberant vines and trees. There is some hefty metalwork for the steam powered mill. Try spot the chute as well as the boiler. The Case Mill here made ammunition boxes during WW2.

Across the road the railway track is fast disappearing under vegetation, and the sign and tipsy shack on the hillside are decaying.

We head off through what was the village of Cascade, on what appears to be a neatly maintained race track for ride on mowers.

Crossing the line, we enter the Box Ridge Track a short distance up the gravel road. The track is straight like a tram line with the old wooden sleepers still easily spotted underfoot.

Later the track loops around to climb a hill, where huge brush box (lophostemon confertus) trees grow. There are lots of numbered signs on this walk, no doubt related to the Environmental Education Centre in Cascade. We had fun trying to guess what the numbers related to.

We ate our lunch at the pretty picnic area on Mobong Creek, reached by crossing a creaky bridge. There is a pool with a small cascade under the timber road bridge and platypus live in the river.

We didn’t have time to do the Mobong Track or to visit the Mobong Falls, we will have to come back another day.

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