Briggsvale and Cascade

A mountain bike ride through the rainforest in Cascade National Park, with a chance to spot lyrebirds, pythons and koala

Trail information

Briggsvale and Cascade

A pleasant ride in Cascade National Park through rainforest. You are sure to hear many birds, and if you are quiet you might spot a lyrebirds or koala. The trail begins on Briggsvale Road, where there is limited parking on the grassy shoulder of the road.

Along the way you’ll pass a single track to your right that leads up to Briggsvale Trig (no view), then Lloyds Siding Trail off to your left. The National Park website suggests turning around at the sign for Carter Fire Trail (which leads down a steep, manic hill to the Bobo River) and returning to your car the way you came. The return route is a shorter, family friendly ride, about 10 km total.

To make a circuit ride, stay on Briggsvale Trail and continue past the turnoff to Carter Fire Trail, and past a sign to Railway Road (which also leads to Llyods Siding). At a low point, look out for the two tracks of the old Glenreagh to Dorrigo railway line crossing the trail.

Riding still on Briggsvale Trail (now called Service Road) you will reach Morora Road. Turn left, there is a steady climb until you eventually arrive at Cascade. You might want to stop for a rest, and check out the jungle that is overtaking the old Case Mill, and the old Cascade railway station. Back in the 20th century, there were other mills, tramways and stations on the railway line at Brooklana, Briggsvale and Lloyds Siding (more info here).

Keep left at Cascade, now on Briggsvale Road, to return to your car.

This dirt and gravel circuit is best suited to mountain bikes. Nice and shady in summer, in winter, it can be bitingly cold on the Eastern Dorrigo plateau – so layer up! Ulong Cafe in the Valley is a great spot to stop for a post-ride coffee!

Koala in Cascade. NP

Can you spot the koala in the photo?


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