Boyds Hill – Vardys and Nogra trails loop

A good training loop on fire trails with a nice hill climb

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Boyds Hill – Vardys and Nogra trails loop

A warm, sunny day in late winter tempts us out to climb a hill. Cold blooded reptiles are also out seeking warmth. Up on the ridge line walking towards Boyd’s Hill, we saw not one, not two, but three snakes.

First a red bellied black which discreetly slithered off into the bush.

Next, another red bellied black coiled amongst the leaf litter on the path, waiting for me to almost step on it. Be still my beating heart.

And last, a chilled python stretched full length across the fire trail. We walk respectfully around it.

Snakes are an important part of the ecosystem, and like koalas, numbers are in decline due to habitat loss. But still, I’d prefer not to see three snakes on one walk!

In my first aid kit, I carry a setopress bandage for pressure immobilisation treatment for snake bite. The bandage is 3.5m long for wrapping limbs, with a nifty brown rectangle which stretches to a square when pressure is correctly applied to stop the lymph which transports snake venom through your body.

Snake bite first aid is straightforward: remove the danger, call or send for help (ambulance), immediately immobilise the limb (bandage and splint) and keep the patient still. A first aid course is worth the time and money investment if you are out in the bush a lot.

This walk is a fairly straightforward loop. Like my heart rate through snake alley, the trail goes up (Vardys), stays up (Powerline), reaches a crescendo (Boyd’s Hill, nothing to see here), then slowly comes down (Nogra).


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