Big Boambee

Is there a view at the top of Big Boambee? There might be, if we can find the summit...

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Big Boambee

Astute map readers will notice that while we had a wander around the unnamed peak to the north, we completely missed the higher peak to the south. It was a nice day, ambling along with our dog on an easy track under shady trees, we were chatting, and that steep 4WD side track? Well somehow we didn’t go there. We’ll come back another day and try again to summit Big Boambee.

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  1. Karina Hall

    You can summit Big Boambee from the same trail used to approach Little Boambee from Wedds Rd. When you reach the T-intersection at the top of the first trail, turn right instead of left (to Little Boambee). The right trail heads down a steep decline through beautiful bush with giant trees and grass trees, along a ridge with views to the back of Fridays Creek and then up a steep climb to the top of Big Boambee (and yes there are views from the top towards the sea peering out between the trees). This is one of our favourite walks around Coffs. Maybe leave the dog at home or keep on a lead, as there are signs indicating 1080 baiting.
    PS Thanks so much for your Coffs Trails site, it is awesome!

    1. Coffs Trails

      Thanks Karina for the tip, we have unfinished business on Big Boambee!

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