Andersons Mountain – Knob Trail

A loop walk on forest trails and single track - good for wildflowers in spring

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Andersons Mountain – Knob Trail

We parked in an old clearing just off Plum Pudding Rd where Free Grass Road intersects. This is a lovely walk, despite the short walk along Plum Pudding Road (we didn’t see a single vehicle). Palm Creek road gently rises up the flanks of Andersons Mountain, wandering past a glorious forest before crossing the creek.

We turned up the badly eroded four wheel drive track to climb to the summit of Andersons Mountain, noticing the tyre marks from vehicles trying to claw their way up the slippery rock. Nearby was an illegally dumped car hulk – littering of the worst kind.

We walked back along single track on Knob Trail, choosing a spot for our morning tea on the edge of a rocky cliff with lovely views through the trees. Later we spotted huge kangaroo footprints in the sandy path, various bird tracks, and then a series of prints that perhaps belonged to a fox? Hopefully no giant panthers out here, like they have in the Blue Mountains.

This walk can easily be combined with Dicks Knob or the Andersons Mountain escarpment loop to make a longer walk.

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  1. Karen Huchendorf

    For a big day out (around 16km), I combined this with the other two of these walks (Dicks Knob and Andersons Mountain – escarpment), but chose the lower loop “Kev’s Walking Track” and missed out “Wash Out Trail” and the summit to Andersons Mountain. Due to Forestry Corp’s “harvesting operations” roads to the south west may be closed until Dec 2021, with the best access from Sherwood Creek and Plum Pudding Roads to the north. But see:

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