Andersons Mountain – escarpment

Heath and wildlflowers across the top of Andersons Mountain, returning through the rainforest below the cliffs

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Andersons Mountain – escarpment

This is loop follows the four wheel drive tracks from Plum Pudding to the 440m high summit of Andersons Mountain. A walk for spring wildflower lovers, rather than those seeking views. The contrast between the dry schlerophyll and heath at the top of the mountain where black cockatoos cry, and the rainforest and palms at the base of the south-easting facing escarpment cliffs is striking. Sadly, lantana and other weeds are also thriving.

We parked and began the walk from Plum Pudding Rd. Does the name of that road make you salivate as you recall dark steamed pudding with brandy sauce that your English grandmother made for you many years ago? Sadly, Plum Pudding in this case refers to a rock type, not a rich dessert. Specifically, it refers to conglomerate rock, where the colours of the pebbles contrast with the sandy mix that contains them. This is Conglomerate State Forest.

This walk can easily be combined with the Andersons Mountain Knob Trail and Palm Creek Road walk to make a longer walk.


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