All around Moonee

Following bike tracks, hollow ways and a causeway through paperbarks around Moonee

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All around Moonee

What do you think about when you walk?

Professor of Modern Thought Iain Sinclair walked the M25 ring road around London and published a book and movie about the experience (London Orbital). Fortunately Moonee is a lot smaller than London, and I’m not going to write a quarter of a million introspective words about my thoughts while circumambulating this halycon northern beaches village.

The forests on the southern edge of Moonee are criss-crossed with playful mountain bike tracks, ramps and berms. We follow these toward the power line next to the freeway and then track around the housing estate.

The section of track parallel to Watergum Close is sunken, like an English hollow way. But we’re not in England, and after we turned the corner to walk east, we find our own speculative reason for the dug in track. The route to the beach is raised as it passes through paperbark wetlands. Was this built during the sand mining era in the 1970s we wonder – by bulldozing the dirt from the sunken track to create a causeway?

The littoral rainforest near the headland is cool and full of birdsong. We walk alongside the estuary, remembering our mates Trevor and Matt who live in England but love to visit Moonee, their favourite beach.

On through the suburbs, with friendly locals pottering in their gardens, a bend on the river where the water runs deep, and back to the start.

We had some grocery shopping to do after our walk, so we parked at Moonee Market. You can also start this walk at Moonee Beach Reserve if you prefer, but the Market has the advantage of cafes for a post walk coffee, including Maggies Dog Cafe with its remarkable range of dog wellness treatments, organic treats and play spaces. Alternatively start at Beachstone Cafe in Sapphire with a short stroll north on the beach before finding the track across the dunes to join the loop walk.

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