The World Heritage Gondwana Rainforests are the largest sub-tropical rainforests in the world. There are also Antarctic beech cool temperate rainforests, warm temperate rainforests, littoral rainforest, floodplain rainforest and dry rainforests. The eucalyptus forests of northern NSW are pretty special too. There are wet and dry sclerophyll forests, mangrove forests and forested wetlands.


A ferry ride across the Clarence, riverside path, beach, rock platforms and rainforest track
An expansive lookout on a walk in the cool, high forests of Werrikimbe
A cool retreat in Gondwana rainforest, with two small waterfalls
Best after rain, a high waterfall you can see from the car park, or tackle the 641 stairs to the base
Walk through different forest types to the base of Rawson Falls
Expansive views of the Hastings valley from a series of lookouts on Bago Bluff
A 200 year old red bloodwood tree with a 16m wide butt!
A steep challenging route to the summit of North Brother mountain for gorgeous coastal views